[Scummvm-devel] GP32 port dead - remove it?

John Willis John.Willis at Distant-earth.com
Wed Mar 12 20:07:41 CET 2008


>It seems to me the GP32 is really dead for good. The last work commit  
>on it was 2006-10-11 (rev 24273).

>Unless somebody steps up to take over the port for *real*, I propose  
>that we remove the port after a deadline of two months (i.e. remove  
>it after May 15).

Everyone who has approached me regarding the port has then backed off when
faced with the work required to get it working again.

I understand Won Star officially stepped down and as I have no desire to get
the port working (or a working GP32 for that matter) I can not see any
reason to keep the port in SVN. May 15th seems a very reasonable drop dead
date to me.



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