[Scummvm-devel] PORTERS: Newly added OSystem::getOverlayFormat

Johannes Schickel lordhoto at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 15:03:08 CET 2008


as you might have noticed I introduced a new structure to describe a pixel 
color format, called Graphics::PixelFormat. In turn we added a function to 
OSystem which can be used to query the pixel format used by the backends 
overlay screen: OSystem::getOverlayFormat. This function has to be 
implemenet *properly* by all ports.

For documentation on Graphics::PixelFormat check out graphics/colormasks.h.
It features some documentation on its relation to Graphics::ColorMasks.

As the name itself suggets Graphics::getOverlayFormat, should return a 
correctly filled Graphics::PixelFormat structure. For this you have to 
setup the members of Graphics::PixelFormat accordingly. Basically you have 
two choices to do so:

-> Use Graphics::createPixelFromat

   This way you can easily create a properly filled out 
Graphics::PixelFormat by specifing a bit format for a Graphics::ColorMasks 

For example for a 1555 pixel format used by NDS and PSP one would implement 
OSystem::getOverlayFormat via:

Graphics::PixelFormat OSystem_FOO::getOverlayFormat() const {
	return Graphics::createPixelFormat<1555>();

Of course it would work the very same for 4444 (DC) and other modes

-> Setup the structure on your own

   The SDL backend does that for example. Check out 
graphics/platform/sdl/graphics.cpp ll399-409. It sets up a member 
called '_overlayFormat' which is returned in the 
OSystem_SDL::getOverlayFormat implementation in graphics/platform/sdl/sdl.h

Note for backends subclassing the SDL backend: if you overload 
OSystem_SDL::loadGFXMode, be sure you update your implementation to also 
fill out OSystem_SDL::_overlayFormat accordingly.

// Johannes

PS: On further questions just ask.

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