[Scummvm-devel] PORTERS: Newly added OSystem::getOverlayFormat

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Mon Nov 3 15:40:07 CET 2008

Hi once again,

To sum up very very briefly what LordHoto described in his excellent  

All porters have to implement the new
   Graphics::PixelFormat getOverlayFormat() const
method in their backend. For all ports were the pixelformat is fixed,  
it will be sufficient to use this as implementation:

Graphics::PixelFormat OSystem_FOO::getOverlayFormat() const {
	return Graphics::createPixelFormat<1555>();

where 1555 should be replaced by the appropriate shorthand for the  
colormode. Grepping through backends/platforms for colorToRGB(), it  
seems that these are the right values:
* WII: 565
* PSP: 1555
* PS2: 555
* PalmOS: 565
* NDS: 555 (or 1555 ?)

All other ports are either subclassing OSystem_SDL (or like the GP2x  
port, directly based on SDL but not subclassing OSystem_SDL), or if  
not, most probably are using 565 mode.

For details, read Johannes mail!


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