[Scummvm-devel] Global menu save/load dialogs

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Nov 11 11:27:45 CET 2008

Am 11.11.2008 um 03:29 schrieb Travis Howell:

> Filippos K wrote:
>> That's why there is a function which tells the GMM when the save/load
>> dialogs can be opened (canLoadGameStateCurrently /
>> canSaveGameStateCurrently).
>> So these cases can be avoided
> Unfortunately in the case of SCUMM engine we simply don't know, when
> loading and saving should be restricted in earlier games (V0-V3) and  
> HE
> games. The VAR_MAINMENU_KEY variable, could be used for restricting
> loading and saving, in other games of SCUMM engine though.

Actually, I think we could figure that out. It would require analyzing  
the SCUMM scripts, but in the end, we would just have to check which  
input script is running, and maybe the value of 1-2 vars. The script  
id and vars would likely vary with the game, maybe even the game  
variant; but nothing that a short table couldn't take care of.

I plan to do that at some point, if nobody beats me to it.

Thinking about it: Do we really need to forbid *loading* in SCUMM  
anywhere? Right now, I am not aware of any spot where it doesn't work.  
Are you aware of any? Personally, I'd find it very convenient to be  
able to load from anywhere.

> Another issue, is the strings used for load/save/option dialogs in
> non-English versions of each game. The original interface of games,
> usually offers the strings of load/save/options dialogs in the current
> language of the game. But our custom GUI, always uses the English
> language for strings of load/save/options dialogs.

And it will remain so, until/unless we add the possibility to localize  
ScummVM. But I think I already made it clear: The original game UIs  
will stay, the GMM will be optional for everybody (though of course  
individual engine authors may choose differently) Though I'd love to  
advertise it as one of the major new features in the next release.


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