[Scummvm-devel] SCI: _k_disable_delete_for_now ()

lskovlun at image.dk lskovlun at image.dk
Wed Apr 8 18:41:02 CEST 2009

> That was me. (The SVN "annotate" feature is a great way to find out
> who added a certain piece of code:
> <http://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/scummvm/scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/engine/kgraphics.cpp?view=annotate
>  >).

I thought it was you, actually.

> Yeah, well, from what you wrote, that's actually exactly what I would
> call a "workaround" for buggy or bad behavior in the original game
> resp. engine... ;-). Anyway, the comment was really referring to the
> "if()" block it preceded, but having looked closer now, I think the
> whole function deserves a good explanatory comment :-). I guess we can
> just copy the text of your email for that.

Can't argue with that.

>> It sounds like we could intercept file opens of *SG.DIR and
>> construct an
>> appropriate file on-the-fly. Similarly we could intercept truncates of
>> SCI-style savegame files to actually delete the appropriate savegame.
>> Would this work?
> It would be possible to do what you describe, I think. Whether it
> would work... Lars? :) Or, well, let's just try it. I'll take a look
> at this one day, but you folks shouldn't wait for me, I am not going
> to do much before my PhD defense in less than two weeks ;).

As stated elsewhere, we are already doing something like it - but without
the interception of calls.
This solution would certainly be compatible with "most" games, but then
again, we are already compatible with "most" games.

> I don't see any reason right now to replace the save/load UI of
> FreeSCI, and that's not "the plan" as far as I am concerned.


> the ability to quit


> return to the launcher


>  access the about dialog (with credits)

Heuristically possible (we know what the menus contain, and they are
fairly consistent with the leftmost "Sierra logo" menu containing about
and help; could be messy for non-english versions)

, and in the future, help dialogs. Well,
> and load & save dialogs if the engine supports this.

I don't think we can guarantee that for all games. For some, we can.

> (Another very nice AEF is the ability to load savestates from the
> command line. Very handy when debugging stuff.)

We already had this in FreeSCI, so this is certainly possible.

> Aha? Well, can't comment, don't know that game at all... If there are
> issues, I hope they'll eventually be logged and then addressed :)

This is Walter's domain.


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