[Scummvm-devel] SCI: _k_disable_delete_for_now ()

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Thu Apr 9 10:56:04 CEST 2009

Am 08.04.2009 um 18:41 schrieb lskovlun at image.dk:


>>> It sounds like we could intercept file opens of *SG.DIR and
>>> construct an
>>> appropriate file on-the-fly. Similarly we could intercept  
>>> truncates of
>>> SCI-style savegame files to actually delete the appropriate  
>>> savegame.
>>> Would this work?
>> It would be possible to do what you describe, I think. Whether it
>> would work... Lars? :) Or, well, let's just try it. I'll take a look
>> at this one day, but you folks shouldn't wait for me, I am not going
>> to do much before my PhD defense in less than two weeks ;).
> As stated elsewhere, we are already doing something like it - but  
> without
> the interception of calls.
> This solution would certainly be compatible with "most" games, but  
> then
> again, we are already compatible with "most" games.

Well, we would intercept it with "most" games, then, and deliberately  
error out for the others, thus causing users to report the issue with  
"the other" ones. Then based on that improve the solution, rince and  
repeat, till we support "all". That worked well for other engines...  
Don't see why it shouldn't here ;).

>> I don't see any reason right now to replace the save/load UI of
>> FreeSCI, and that's not "the plan" as far as I am concerned.
> OK.

Reading the rest of your reply, I should have phrased it like this:  
"There is no plan to *replace* the save/load UI, but certainly it  
would be nice to *also* have the ScummVM UI in place, like in  
virtually all other engines." ;).

>> the ability to quit
> Possible.
>> return to the launcher
> Possible.
>> access the about dialog (with credits)
> Heuristically possible (we know what the menus contain, and they are
> fairly consistent with the leftmost "Sierra logo" menu containing  
> about
> and help; could be messy for non-english versions)

Actually, I was referring to the ScummVM about dialog. To see what I  
mean, start a game in almost any non-SCI engine, and press Ctrl-F5, to  
trigger the GMM. That'll

> , and in the future, help dialogs. Well,
>> and load & save dialogs if the engine supports this.
> I don't think we can guarantee that for all games. For some, we can.

Just to clarify here, too: I was referring to custom save/load  
dialogs. In some engines (e.g. SCUMM), these can even display a  
thumbnail screenshot of the savestates in the list (realized by saving  
the screen contents along with anything else that is being saved when,  
well, saving). This (the ScummVM GUI save/load dialogs) is indeed a  
feature that is difficult if not impossible to implement in some  

>> (Another very nice AEF is the ability to load savestates from the
>> command line. Very handy when debugging stuff.)
> We already had this in FreeSCI, so this is certainly possible.

Great. But then, it must be possible to also load at arbitrary times  
from our custom GUI, at least with some extra work.

>> Aha? Well, can't comment, don't know that game at all... If there are
>> issues, I hope they'll eventually be logged and then addressed :)
> This is Walter's domain.



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