[Scummvm-devel] PS2 backend ready for 0.13.1 tag!

sunmax at libero.it sunmax at libero.it
Fri Apr 17 22:47:31 CEST 2009

Hi there guys!

I did some house cleaning in the PS2 backend (we have a brand new
README.TXT too!) and committed the FORCE_RTL patch as previously

Unluckily the stack crash is still there, but in the precompiled
version it only affects COMI. I still have couple of suggestions
to try for tracing the little sneaky bug. If I can bust it during
next week and it's a one line fix we could consider adding it in,
otherwise I am quite happy with this PlayStation2 release and all
the new nifty features - remote games rocks, and being able to
use the same PC saved games as well ;-)

What puzzles me is that when I was trying few more games today,
I noticed that an old one is still there with Scumm engine:

when you select Help from GMM we get:

  _filePos = 0
Widget <ScummHelp.Close> has y > 200!
Error: assertion `isValidRect()' failed in ../../../common/rect.h

Wasn't the fixed and back-ported to 0.13.1?

If not, can somebody point me out to the modified file so that
I can backport the change myself before we tag?

That's pretty annoying cause if you push "Help" even by mistake
it just crashes your game session, and maybe all you wanted to
do is save :-(


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