[Scummvm-devel] PS2 backend ready for 0.13.1 tag!

sunmax at libero.it sunmax at libero.it
Fri Apr 17 23:32:01 CEST 2009

Hey-la Tanoku!

> I thought I had fixed all issues regarding GUI layouts a while ago

So did I, and I apologize for this. I should have tried it earlier
again, but then I completely focused on the stack issue and trying
to improve PS2 tools...

Now that's interesting, so I assume you were able to reproduce the
original "help" crash, but then after your changes it was ok on a
desktop/SDL backend, right?

Just for curiosity (and maybe to help me tracing the stack crash),
how can the backend code help to trigger a:

Widget <ScummHelp.Close> has y > 200!
Error: assertion `isValidRect()' failed in ../../../common/rect.h

I'd assume that the "y" position should be independent from the
platform specific implementation, if not please let me know cause
while tracing the stack crash I am completely missing this part.

> I don't know what's the exact time for the tag, but I'll try to fix
> that blindly tomorrow morning.

I greatly appreciate.

> If you are around, you may be able to test if it works and
> backport it yourself.

I will, just keep in mind that I am in Florida time (for reference,
-5 hr from London).


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