[Scummvm-devel] Theme trouble with 0.13.1 build

Markus Strangl Markus at Strangl.de
Sun Apr 19 15:56:39 CEST 2009

>> ScummVM seems to still try to use my old modern.ini and .zip,
>> but complains that "version is 23, expected 17".
> 17? Isn't that ScummVM 0.9.x? I thought that the versioning, not to
> mention the file names and syntax, for the themes was completely
> different now, so it's odd that it would even recognize theme version 23
> (ScummVM 0.11.x?) at all.

I'm severely confused now.
My .scummvmrc also says "versioninfo=0.9.0" and whenever I set that
to anything later, it keeps getting rewritten to 0.9.0
Has there been a major change about the config files some years ago
that I've missed?
Is my scummvm trying to run in some legacy-mode? I didn't even know
we had such a feature...
(before anyone asks: yes, I have definitely built 0.13.1 *g*)

Markus F. Strangl
Aurikelstrasse 6
83395 Freilassing
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