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> Actually, patch #2834001 won't affect that -- unstructured audio data  
> is not covered by that, and cannot be (as there is no way to discern  
> the length or format of the audio data).

Actually, it does. We only have makeLinearInputStream() for creating a raw audio stream, which reads data from a memory buffer.
LinearDiskStream, which is introduced in that patch, seems to be the "missing piece": it can create a raw audio stream directly from disk,
without having it loaded in memory (unless I didn't read its description properly, in which case I apologize).

> Alas, if draci uses VOC or WAVE data, it could already now use  
> makeVOCStream / makeWAVStream.

Robert mentioned in his e-mail that the game uses uncompressed raw PCM 8bit audio data @ 22KHz, that's why I mentioned raw data myself.


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