[Scummvm-devel] dynamic plugins again

yotam barnoy yotambarnoy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 16:09:40 CEST 2009

I'm still working away at the dynamic plugins for the PSP, copying the model
of the DC plugins.

I have questions regarding the implementation in the DC.

1. It looks like the plugin files are built relocatable, but not position
independent, correct? The reason I think this is because there is no code in
the DC loader to deal with a Global Offset Table.

2. My second question is, how do you get the DC to have only 1 type of
relocation? Is there a special mode for this? I think linking a dynamic
object on the PSP leaves only 1 type of relocation, but at the same time, I
think it demands using PIC code which needs a GOT table (as well as stubs
which I'm not sure are automatically generated). Linking just the PSP scumm
plugin, I get about 50,000 relocations of various types.

Yotam (Bluddy)
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