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Wed Nov 11 10:31:48 CET 2009

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 2:58 AM, Hubert Maier <raziel_nosgoth at web.de> wrote:

> Hi devs,
> i was about to file bugreports, but as i have played Discworld (part 1) the
> first
> time in history and don't know the behaviour it had on the original
> platform i'd
> rather asked, if it is "normal".
> I have the .GRA version (known to be buggy), but where and what is buggy i
> don't
> know (i found nothing on the compatibility page and in the wiki), so here
> goes.

There is currently some lists, although not comprehensive, of original game
bugs in the ScummVM wiki. If you go to
There are lists on both the 'Tinsel TODO' and 'Tinsel Bugs' pages.

Someone with time available could usefully make a list of all such problems.
Some of them can be fixed. Others, such as when a different voice says a
given line, can't be fixed.

> 1 - I have *many* occasions where subtitles are displayed before the actual
> line
> is spoken (although subtitles are turned off), many of them reproduceable
> and
> even re-occuring when visiting the same place and using the same question
> again

 Many of these are due to bugs in the scripts for the GRA version. For
example, I remember one bug when talking to the Arch-chancelor, the voice
sample played doesn't match the subtitles exactly (i.e. some of the voice
sample for the first line was included in the second line). The SCN version
cleaned up most of these problems, but introduced a few new ones. Such as
when you talk to the Lecturer in Recent Runes, and the subtitle says "No no
no", the voice sample instead has Rincewind saying "Did you get the number
of that donkey cart".

> 2- I found one graphic glitch so far (animation of Rincewind pouring the
> bubble
> bath into the jesters tub) which gets erased (the bubbles) and never return
> (not
> sure if it is intended, though) and the animation as whole starts over when
> the
> screen starts scrolling to the left (although half of the aniomation was
> already
> played and the bubble alreeady showed up)

I can't remember anyone mentioning that one specifically.

> 3 - Another one is already filed. It's the scene where Rincewind acts as a
> ghost
> to get the gate pass but without knowing that the scared guy hasn't told
> him
> everything. He opens the safe, holds the hammer, the hammer vanishes and is
> back
> again.

This is a known one. It's uncertain whether it could be fixed, since it
would involve mucking around with the scripts and/or raw animation frames
used in the cutscene.

> Also, but that is only for information and my understanding, can it be that
> the
> main speech actor of Rincewind (Eric Idle) did not record every line?
> Because i
> think there are some (very short and not much overall) lines spoken from
> someone
> else.

I've noticed that too. From memory, it happens in the Lost Temple of Offler,
for example. As with the 'No no no' one I mentioned above, it can't really
be fixed, since the voice sample is being played correctly.. it's just the
original developers used some other actor other than Eric Idle for some

> Plus i have read in the wiki that the publisher of DW is unknown(?) Well,
> at
> least on my box of DW it's Psygnosis, if that means anything that is (Just
> for
> the record)

Looking at the Wiki, we currently have 'Perfect Entertainment' listed as the
publisher. Psygnosis were the developers, not the publishers, correct?

Let me know if i should still file bug reports for those i found or if i
> just
> shouldn't bother because
> a) it can't/won't be fixed anyway (due to supernatural causes) or
> b) it's already on someone's list

Adding bug reports is likely a good idea, so long as you look through the
previous ones to ensure you don't add duplicates of already existing bugs.
It means that the bugs will all be properly identified, and where they are
fixable, we can fix and then close the bugs, leaving a list of bugs that
can't be fixed, but are at least identified as being problems in the
original game. The Tinsel engine already has workarounds for ten different
script bugs, and most of these are for bugs in the Discworld 1 GRA version,
so some bugs you identify may be fixable.

> Thanks a lot and sorry for the traffic
> Ciao
> Hubert

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