[Scummvm-devel] Removing igor

D G Turner d.g.turner at ntlworld.com
Wed Nov 11 21:58:05 CET 2009

Torbjörn Andersson wrote:
> Max Horn wrote:
>> So it's even an obscure game and difficult to work on? So it's even  
>> more unlikely that anybody will pick up work on it? Yet more reasons  
>> in my eyes to remove it. :)
> There was a rumor that the game was going to be - or perhaps even had
> been - made freeware some time ago. Does anyone know if anything ever
> came out of that?
> (Even if it was true, I guess it's rather pointless since I never saw
> anything about it on the company web page. Which is a pity, because that
> would at least have remedied the obscurity  part of the problem.)
> Torbjörn Andersson


"During the Adventure Developers Online Conference 2007, organised by
adventure-europe, Pendulo Studio's decided to make Igor: Objective
Uikokahonia freeware."

Their website is fairly content free, but at the bottom of the legal
page (http://www.pendulostudios.com/legal.html) is their contact details:
Domicilio Social: Paseo de las Acacias 3, 1ºB, 28005 Madrid
Telf +34 91-474.37.36
Fax +34 91-473.18.66
info at pendulostudios.com

If we have a native Spanish speaker and fingolin feels this is
justified, they could make a speculative enquiry to them about the
status of this?

Since the publisher Dro Soft and distributor, http://www.optik.com seem
also to be out of business, the rights may have got stuck in a legal
limbo. :-(

David Turner

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