[Scummvm-devel] Making it easier for users to add games

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Wed Nov 25 02:17:21 CET 2009

Hi there,

as you know, many users have problems with adding games from the  
launcher. For one thing, they are often confused by the fact that we  
expect them to select a directory (not a file). Also, many never find  
the "Mass Add" feature. Even if they hit the "shift" key by accident,  
it may not be clear to everybody what "Mass Add" means ("Hm, does that  
mean I'll gain weight?" ;).

So, maybe we should unify Add & Mass Add as follows: First, we merge  
them, changing the button label to "Add Game(s)...".

When the user presses the "Add Game(s)..." button, we first pop up a  
dialog saying something like this:

"We will now show you a selection dialog, in which you should select a  
directory. ScummVM will search this directory and all its  
subdirectories for games supported by it. Any games detected this way  
and not yet in your list of games will be added to it."

Afterwards, we proceed as in the current "Mass Add" mode.

For average users, and esp. newbies, this should make things a lot  
simpler. Power users have to skip over one more dialog and loose the  
ability to not recurse into dirs, but then power users can deal with  
that, I'd hope. If it's deemed to terrible a burden for those, we can  
come up with way to adjust for them (e.g. if shift is hold, change the  
button to the old "Add single game" mode); but i'd prefer to not do  

What do you think?


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