[Scummvm-devel] Sound drivers - possibility to switch off

Hubert Maier raziel_nosgoth at web.de
Wed Nov 25 23:28:16 CET 2009

Hi devs,

i'm just wondering because of all the small device backends ScummVM supports
already and the discussion back some time about saving space in the builds.

Now what came to my eye on my last build was the sound drivers(?) that are built
every time and linked into the executeable even if there is no such driver or
the dependencies are missing completely on the platform that builds it.
i.e. on Amiga OS4 there are no such things as fluidsynth. tremor and alsa, yet
they are linked into the executeable.

Of course, as i'm only a porter i might easily be mixing things, but isn't it
possible to auto-check on configuration time (this is already happening) and
completely leave out those missing drivers?

Would that make the executeable smaller?
Would it do anything positive to small backends anyway?
Just for my understanding and maybe learning some new things.

Thanks for taking the time



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