[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM 1.0.0: Release status 2009-09-27

Eugene Sandulenko sev at scummvm.org
Sun Sep 27 10:45:06 CEST 2009

Hi Team,

The situation is a bit worsened, with bunch of Gob3-related release
critical bugs.

Perhaps Strangerke could try to help DrMcCoy to deal with them. All of
them seem to me either a regression or corrupted game data files. In
either case I think fixing them before the release.

The testing is going quite well, and only Bud Tucker is left untested
among the most critical games, i.e. other engines were tested well.

Current plan is this:

Release schedule:
  October 12th -- tagging for 1.0.0
  October 18th -- release 1.0.0

Release critical:
#2842432: WAXWORKS: Can't go down corridor in pyramid
#2859606: GOB2: Hotspots get screwed in amoniak throne room
#2867675: GOB3: Duplicate main character sprite
#2867682: GOB3: Cannot continue in game
#2867294: GOB3: Lock up at grocery

Nice to get fixed:

#2820025: COMI: Music delayed during snake segment
#1878514: COMI: Glitch when turning pages in recipe book
#1834818: COMI: Part 5: Clickable sky behaves strangely
#2721332: DIG: Cursor delays to appear after scene skip
#1905032: DIG: text borders/shadows glitches (with 0.9.0 savegame)
#1847454: DIG: Rat Trap Puzzle Error
#2688144: FT: Overlapping voice/music in cutscenes
#1947723: SAM: text off screen in german version
#2535191: MM: Power never returns
#2535186: MM: Meteor Police never arrives
#1841217: MANIAC: Feeding Meat Eating Plant doesn't work correctly
#1676326: ZAK: Time bug in airplane
#1451721: MANIACNES: Minor newgame sound glitch 
#1879604: MANIACNES: Music not played when loading game

#2843146: CHASE: can't create new levels

#2628056: TUCKER: Text Dialogue is out of sync

#2826608: DRASCULA: Cursor GFX error
#2826610: DRASCULA: Graveyard GFX error
#2011470: DRASCULA: slowdown when you hold mouse buttons

#1970191: IHNM: Psychic Profile problem

#2849084: Crash when saving fallback-matched AGI game

#2813727: DC: Bargon Attack, virtual keyboard non-responsive

#1916102: PALMOS DIG: Crash at spaceship scene, treo 680


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