[Scummvm-devel] "Broken Sword II" vs. "Broken Sword 2"

Johannes Schickel lordhoto at scummvm.org
Sat Jan 2 03:51:06 CET 2010

Max Horn wrote:
> I just tried to implement this, but noticed a problem: In many places  
> we use "Broken Sword" to refer to both games simultaneously, and then  
> distinguish them by adding 1 or 2. If we drop the "1" everywhere, then  
> a lot of ambiguity crops up. To resolve that, we'd have to replace  
> ever occurrence of things like "the Broken Sword games" by "Broken  
> Sword and Broken Sword II". Maybe we should allow some alternative  
> names for such cases? Like "Broken Sword part I and II" or "Broken  
> Sword I & II" ?

Actually I would favor "Broken Sword I & II" over "Broken Sword part I 
and II". But anyway isn't "the Broken Sword games" and "Broken Sword" 
easily distinguishable, so we do not need this anyway? Or do we have 
places where a simple "Broken Sword", means without the added "games", 
is used for both games?

// Johannes

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