[Scummvm-devel] setMouseCursor() keycolor

Johannes Schickel lordhoto at scummvm.org
Thu Jan 7 15:48:35 CET 2010

Marcus Comstedt wrote:
> Here's a patch for review which removes the default value for the
> keycolor parameter.

Looks nice. We might want to do that on OSystem::setMouseCursor too. And 
of course add a note about the range of the keycolor parameter in both 
documentations :-).

Apart feel free to commit it.

> While I was doing inventory of all calls to CursorMan, I found one
> rather peculiar thing:  The mohawk engine does provide the keycolor
> explicitly, but in one case the color that it explicitly provides
> is 0xFFFFFFFF!  The comment a few lines up says
>         // Myst ME stores some cursors as 24bpp images instead of 8bpp
> but if _pixelFormat is really a 24bpp format, and the engine really
> wants white as the keycolor (unlikely as that seems), that would be
> 0xFFFFFF, not 0xFFFFFFFF.  I'm guessing this code is simply in an
> unfinished state and isn't really supposed to work yet, but just in
> case there is a rationale for using this value, i'd like to hear it.

Matthew any idea about this?

// Johannes

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