[Scummvm-devel] VideoPlayer improvement: video positioning.

Filippos Karapetis philipk79 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 11 15:22:32 CET 2010

> > The post processing code was implemented like this for games which want to modify the current video frame after it has been processed, but not yet shown on screen. This has been used tor rendering subtitles on screen.
> I know what post-processing is used for, thank you. 

The point I was trying to make is why postprocessing has been implemented as it is NOW, rather than explaining what postprocessing is.

> Also post-processing could be used for filtering(deinterlacing, upscaling, downscaling), changing fps and so on. Now all pixel-level filters are sticked to the locked screen data which is not suitable for anything except drawing something on the screen after copying video frame.

Deinterlacing, upscaling and downscaling could be supplied when the decoder is initialized, these should not be supplied for each frame

 > Override SmackerDecoder::getHeight? No way. One derived class for VideoPlayer is more than enough. 

The video decoder is separate from the video player. You could create a derived video decoder class with the changed methods, which is the beauty of virtual methods anyway... I've done this in BS1, with the DXADecoderWithSound class


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