[Scummvm-devel] Introduction

Ismail Khatib ikhatib at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 22:43:27 CEST 2011

Hi all!

My name is Ismail Khatib and I will take the challenge of maintaining  
the Windows CE port of ScummVM. At least I will try ;) It was a real  
pity to see that the WinCE port broke some time ago, and it seemed  
like that the it will share the fate of the PalmOS port. I now step in  
to keep this great port alive (kudos to kostas!); even when Microsoft  
recently released the new Windows Phone 7 platform (which is  
completely incompatible - until a real jailbreak is out - to older  
Windows CE/Windows Mobile Versions) there is still a huge amount of  
people using WM or even older Windows CE devices.

Maybe some of you already know me under my nick "Cerial" from the  
forums, IRC, from patches I've already contributed, the modifications  
for the WinCE port to work with the buildbot  or my other Windows CE/ 
Windows Mobile/PocketPC works (for example port of UAE, the Amiga  
emulator or OpenJazz for PocketPC). I have also been the maintainer of  
the FreeSCI port for WinCE (it was the stable branch - 0.3.x, but as I  
see the 0.6.x branch got merged with ScummVM, so none of my code made  
it to ScummVM this way ;) ).

Recently, I've supplied a patch for ScummVM which re-enabled building  
of the port for WinCE and from now on I will try to keep it up to date  
and make all necessary changes to supply the Windows CE community with  
a ScummVM port.

It's a great thing being a part of the superb ScummVM developer team  
now, as I have myself used ScummVM for a bit over a decade on several  
platforms and always really appriciated all your work!

So, hi, here I am! :)

-- Cerial

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