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Just to make this a bit clearer: I would like mojotouch to include a clause
like "based on ScummVM, which is licenced under GPL2" in the software
description, same as what they did with their other games on the app store
(after we told them to do so).

With the current description, it looks as if the whole project has been
developed by them, which is misleading, wrong and unethical.


On Thursday, August 29, 2013, Tobia Tesan wrote:

> Il 29/08/2013 12:54, Filippos Karapetis ha scritto:
>> Well, what clearly annoys me with iphSoft/mojotouch us that they take a
>> GPL project, use 99.9% of the code and the work done on it and then slap a
>> disclaimer underneath that the *whole* work has been produced and developed
>> by *them*.
> It's the kind of thing that bugs me to death too, on the other hand I
> don't think they are making billions off this scheme.
> 99% of their potential crowd will simply download ScummVM.
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