[Scummvm-devel] Pajama Sam: Games To Play On Any Day

Travis Howell kirben at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jul 21 14:50:30 CEST 2014

I suspected this bug was holding back your release of Pajama Sam: Games 
to play on Any Day, and I have looked into the bug several times, but 
without any luck.

The bug is caused by an infinite loop occurs in one script (room 2 
script 2070), specifically this section:
[0019] (84) localvar0 = getRandomNumberRange(0,63)
[0021] (36) unless (((roomarray24[localvar0][4] && 
(roomarray24[localvar0][5] != 3)) && 
(getSpriteInfo.getFlagAutoAnim(roomarray24[localvar0][4]) != 1))) jump 19

The problem is the AutoAnim flag for the sprites is always set at this 
stage, and I can find no code differences for how the AutoAnim is 
handled in original code, that would fix this bug either.

Unfortunately the real cause of the bug seems to be elsewhere (arrays?, 
script handling?), but it isn't clear where that could be. I would 
rather not add a hack to work around that issue either.

On 21/07/2014 9:45 PM, Daniel Grayshon wrote:
> Hello Mailing List!
> It is Saleck from Night Dive Studios here and we have been given the go
> ahead by our publisher to re-release the game "Pajama Sam: Games to play
> on Any Day"
> We would like to use the ScummVM platform so we can have a
> multi-platform release but unfortunately, there is a bug in the game.
> The bug occurs on the "Jumping Beans" mini-game which results in ScummVM
> crashing. I'm not sure what exactly causes the crash but it is stopping
> us from re-releasing the product commercially.
> Would anyone from the ScummVM dev team be available to look into the
> problem for us?
> Thanks
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