[Scummvm-devel] Questions

D G Turner d.g.turner at ntlworld.com
Thu May 22 00:44:29 CEST 2014

On 21/05/14 22:44, K C wrote:
> I am currently using iPhone port which is version 1.5.0.
> Am curious if I have a request or bug fixed, will it go in the 1.5.0 branch
> or do I have to hope it goes in 1.6.0? Also, where is the iPhone branch on
> SVN?

Firstly, you could probably have answered most of these questions
yourself if you had searched the wiki first:

Firstly, we no longer use Subversion as our revision control system.
We have migrated to Git on github sometime ago. See here:

Secondly, We do not maintain branches per port. The IPhone specific code
can be found in backends/platform/iphone.

Thirdly, our release schedule / philosophy is not clearly defined,
partly intentionally:

Basically, current development is done on the git master branch which is
currently v1.7.0git.

When we are ready to start a release process, this is branched by the
release manager / team to form a "stable" release branch i.e. branch-1-6
is the current stable branch.

>From this stable branch, we ask porters to build and testers to test.
After a number of bug fixes, the first release is tagged as branch-1-6-0
and the release made from this.

If a _major_ bug is found, we may consider a point release, the bug fix
is added to the stable branch i.e. branch-1-6 and then a new
branch-1-6-1 would be tagged and release made from this.

We also do sometimes add backported code to the stable when needed to
fix compilation or to add further ports if they are going to do late

tl;dr: The simple answer is that if you provided a bug patch today, it
would be applied to the git master branch and would be included in the
next release branch which will be for v1.7.0 (probably sometime around
July/Aug this year), or you could use the nightly development automated
build from: http://buildbot.scummvm.org/builds.html

> 1. I notice that landscape mode is not true landscape, because whenever I
> double-press HOME button, my iOS task at shows up in portrait mode. This is
> problematic because I use a Bluetooth mouse (cydia) to play... And
> Bluetooth mouse is in portrait coordinates.

If you had searched the bug tracker, you would know that there are known
issue with rotation lock and other screen orientation logic here, but no
one has had the required time, motivation, iOS device to track down the

Feel free to look at the code and submit a patch...

> 2. Can iPhone ScummVM support 2 button blue tooth mouse?

Unsure. Probably not, but the only way to be sure is to try it.

I think this depends on whether this comes from the same mouse event
interface as the touchscreen.

The code should be in the events class of the backends/platform/iphone,
but I am not intimately familar with this code and I can't spot the
exact code for this. I think it may be the UIKit code.

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