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sev- sev at scummvm.org
Sun Oct 27 21:46:57 CET 2013

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874939ae89 COMMON: Make XCode 5.0.1 happier

Commit: 874939ae893498e36f135052b187f7d65792d7c4
Author: Eugene Sandulenko (sev at scummvm.org)
Date: 2013-10-27T13:45:49-07:00

Commit Message:
COMMON: Make XCode 5.0.1 happier

Changed paths:

diff --git a/common/c++11-compat.h b/common/c++11-compat.h
index 50d79bd..f963ba9 100644
--- a/common/c++11-compat.h
+++ b/common/c++11-compat.h
@@ -31,7 +31,9 @@
 // Custom nullptr replacement. This is not type safe as the real C++11 nullptr
 // though.
+#if !defined(nullptr)  // XCode 5.0.1 has __cplusplus=199711 but defines this
 #define nullptr 0
 // Replacement for the override keyword. This allows compilation of code

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