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Mon Nov 11 15:06:26 CET 2002

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Status: Open
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Marek Roth (logicdeluxe)
Assigned to: Jamieson Christian (jamieson630)
Summary: Conroy Bumpus' Song

Initial Comment:
Built on Apr 25 2002 21:10:18 win
German talkie

While Conroy Bumpus is singing his song, the midi
version also is playing the same time. However the midi
version should only play if there is no digital audio
output available. Scummvm also does not play track3.mp3
if available. My original CD plays track 4 if I run the
game directly from CD. The priority should be, cd
audio/mp3 > monster.sou/monster.so3 > midi. But of
course not more then one of them at the same time.


>Comment By: Jamieson Christian (jamieson630)
Date: 2002-11-11 08:06

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I'm not sure how the original LEC distribution handled 
Conroy's song in different cases. However, ScummVM 
intentionally plays both the MIDI file and the digital sound at 
the same time. The reason for this is that the digital sound 
cannot provide feedback to cue Conroy's movements from. 
The script is supposed to set the MIDI playback to 0 volume 
so that it plays, but silently. Until recently that was getting 
ignored in a lot of cases.

Recent changes to CVS fix the problem of the MIDI file not 
getting set to silent play properly, so you shouldn't be hearing 
it on top of the digi sound anymore. In addition, a hack to the 
script interpreter fixes a (non-iMuse-related) problem with 
Conroy's motion sequences getting hung up partway through 
the song.

Since the script that drives this is from the original LEC 
executable, I am inclined to believe that LEC's version also 
used a MIDI file running alongside the digi track to provide 
cueing information. That in itself bring up two interesting 

(1) The MIDI playback timings must have been slightly 
different than the ones we are using, since our cues get 
progressively out of sync with the digi track, whereas I don't 
believe the LEC distr suffered from noticeable sync problems.

(2) The timings must have been identical even when using the 
OPL2 driver included with the LEC distr. This lends support 
for the concept of implementing Adlib (OPL2) support at the 
MidiDriver level rather than the IMuseDriver level. If we ever do 
that (I'm working on an experimental implementation now), we 
can better fine-tune the MIDI timings to deal with issues such 
as this.

Anyway.... I think that second point was a bit of a tangent. ;) 
As to why we never use the CD audio track -- I know very very 
little about the scripts in use for Conroy's song. Is CD audio 
support the "feature" that we're looking for here, then?


Comment By: Max Horn (fingolfin)
Date: 2002-11-10 19:01

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Once more, this is something Jamieson seems to be working
on... feel free to un-assign it from yo, though!


Comment By: James Brown (ender)
Date: 2002-04-29 06:55

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Nothing we can currently do here. The imuse code we use is 
fairly different from the code used in sam and max.

Moving to feature requests, as this is not a viable bug to 
fix in the short term.


Comment By: Marek Roth (logicdeluxe)
Date: 2002-04-25 15:07

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My original EXE plays this track, as I wrote. If I copy the
game to harddisk it uses the version in monster.sou instead.
Even there are more audio tracks on the CD, track 4 is the
only used one by the game.

(btw. Monkey1 also contains unused tracks on the original CD.)


Comment By: Caleb Jackson (baxslash)
Date: 2002-04-25 14:40

Logged In: YES 

I believe the digital version of the song is contained 
inside the monster.sou file.  I discovered it by exploring 
the file with Scumm Revisited.  Yes, there are music 
tracks on the CD, but I don't think the game has ever used 
them 'in-game'.  (I could be wrong.)  Either way, you are 
right: the midi should not play then if the digital audio 
is working right.


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