[Scummvm-tracker] [ScummVM] #10370: Mac PPC 2.0.0 release has MT-32 stutter issue

Thierry Crozat trac at scummvm.org
Mon Dec 18 22:38:57 CET 2017

#10370: Mac PPC 2.0.0 release has MT-32 stutter issue
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Comment (by criezy):

 I just checked and the mac PPC release was built with optimizations in
 exactly the same way as previous releases.

 Is this with a real MT-32 or using the MT-32 emulator. The emulator in
 ScummVM was updated to Munt 2.0 in December 2016, just after the 1.9.0
 release, and it is possible that this requires more processing power than
 before (which would explain the report of issues on win32 while even with
 debug built we didn't get reports before). And that turns to be too
 demanding for PPC macs, I don't think much can be done.

 The only other change I see that could cause issues would be the reduction
 of the audio buffer size. For an output rate of 44 kHz, the audio buffer
 size is now 1024 samples while it was 4096 samples in release 1.9.0.
 However since you indicate you tried changing it, this seems to indicate
 this is not the issue.

 Maybe you can use munt externally with the Core MIDI setting in ScummVM?
 In that case it might make better use of the available CPU cores and you
 could also use an older less power-hungry (but probably less accurate)

 In ScummVM itself we might be able to improve performances by running the
 MT-32 emulator in a separate thread. I don't think anybody is planning to
 work on that currently though.

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