[Scummvm-tracker] [ScummVM] #10370: Mac PPC 2.0.0 release has MT-32 stutter issue

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Tue Dec 19 21:19:51 CET 2017

#10370: Mac PPC 2.0.0 release has MT-32 stutter issue
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Comment (by g5ppc):

 I did some additional testing with Activity Monitor set to update at half
 second intervals.

 The Aug2016 and 2.0.0 seem to be using virtually identical amounts of CPU
 at various points in KQ6.  Both produced spikes to 140% CPU.  But only the
 2.0.0 consistently breaks up at higher levels of MIDI demand.

 This is similar to my observations on the win32 version of this bug: there
 was always CPU power to spare on the systems involved; the breakups are
 from something related to the load on munt, but not an increase in CPU
 demanded by munt from a version change.

 How does ScummVM decide that munt is underflowing, and can I get some
 diagnostics to determine if that is happening?

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