[Scummvm-tracker] [ScummVM] #10371: MACOSX: System cursor always visible when in fullscreen mode.

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Tue Dec 19 03:29:39 CET 2017

#10371: MACOSX: System cursor always visible when in fullscreen mode.
Reporter:  macca8  |      Owner:  (none)
    Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
Priority:  normal  |  Component:  Ports
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 This report refers to using ScummVM with the global options set to
 fullscreen mode, and all other options (including Graphics Mode) set to
 their normal defaults.

 ScummVM version: Stable release 2.0.0 (9 Dec 2017 13:39:54), 64-bit only.
 Platform: Intel Mac (OS X 10.11.6)

 After selecting the 'Start' option or loading a saved game, the system
 cursor appears on top of the game cursor and tracks its movements across
 the screen.

 When the game cursor disappears (for example, during a cutscene), the
 system cursor remains visible and responds to mouse movements, but doesn't
 interact with the game.

 The system cursor also behaves the same with the ScummVM cursor when it's
 in use (for example: Launcher, GMM, save/load screens & dialogs), but not
 until after ScummVM has launched a game in the current session.

 ScummVM must be restarted to remove the system cursor, but then the bug
 returns as soon as a game is launched (in my case, Riven is the only game

 Unfortunately, screenshots failed to record the system cursor’s presence.

 This issue does NOT occur in:
 - windowed mode.
 - ScummVM 2.0.0 (9 Dec 2017 13:38:28) 32-bit, on OS X 10.6.8.
 - the current daily build (2.1.0git134  18 Dec 2017).

 Not really relevant, but just an observation about unexpected differences
 between the 2 Intel Mac stable releases:
 I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the 32-bit Intel Mac stable
 release’s general behaviour & appearance is identical to the current daily
 build, whereas the 64-bit release displays a larger fullscreen image for
 both the Launcher & game screens, plus the Filter Graphics option is
 always available (and in my case, required).

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