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#10371: MACOSX: System cursor always visible when in fullscreen mode.
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Comment (by macca8):

 Just a few additional comments about what I’m seeing on my system…

 Firstly, the system cursor is displayed at its system’s default size
 (similar to windowed mode cursor size), never scaled to match fullscreen
 ScummVM or game cursors.

 Secondly, since the presence of a fullscreen Launcher is required to
 trigger this cursor display issue, and it only occurs with the SDL2
 backend, and NOT SDL1 (or versions thereof) or OpenGL, what differences
 apply in fullscreen mode?

 A fullscreen Launcher in SDL2 displays:

 - a window that fills the entire screen (no black borders).
 - a properly scaled full-size red arrow cursor (significantly larger than
 the system cursor, when present).

 On the other hand, these differences apply in the unaffected backends:

 - SDL1: displays a window that is surrounded by black borders on all
 sides… also applies to game screens.
 - OpenGL: ALWAYS displays a windowed-size red arrow cursor (regardless of
 screen mode)… also applies when used inside a game screen (game cursors
 are correctly scaled).

 Make of this what you will, but it does suggest that BOTH SDL2 Launcher
 conditions must be present to trigger the bug.

 An interesting point is that OpenGL leaves lingering effects when switched
 to another Graphics Mode, which can cause unexpected behaviour in the new
 Graphics Mode, and distort testing, if ScummVM is not immediately
 restarted after the switch is completed.

 The effects can be as obvious as retaining OpenGL’s behaviour (when
 switching to <default>), to simply repositioning the windowed-mode window
 in the top left corner of the screen when switching from fullscreen.

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