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#10371: MACOSX: System cursor always visible when in fullscreen mode.
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Comment (by macca8):

 csnover, regarding your test criteria with the 64-bit 2.0.0 stable
 - I can confirm that this issue doesn’t occur when Graphics mode is set to
 OpenGL, though OpenGL has its own long standing issue of displaying a
 fullscreen background with windowed-size elements when the Launcher (or
 Save/Load screen) is displayed in fullscreen mode on Mac OS X, but that’s
 not relevant here.
 - other Graphics modes dependent on SDL2 (including HQ2x) are affected by
 this issue (which includes the <default> setting as noted above).

 Also, I note that the current pre-release version (2.0.1pre9  21 Dec 2017)
 appears to be built with SDL1.2, and doesn’t have this issue in OS X

 If the pre-release versions of 2.0.0 you tested in OS X 10.11, were also
 built with SDL1.2, or you only used OpenGL, then that would explain why
 you didn’t see the issue before the official release.

 Secondly, are you using a compact Apple keyboard (with a single
 return/enter key), or a full-size keyboard (with separate return & enter

 I have a full-size Apple keyboard, and a second issue has emerged when
 using the Enter key as part of the Alt+enter combination, but again, only
 with the 64-bit 2.0.0 stable release.

 In my case, it appears that Enter is mapped to the separate Return key
 (which makes sense, given the different keyboard layouts available), but
 NOT the separate Enter key (or at least, incorrectly).

 As a result, Alt+return successfully toggles between screen modes, whereas
 Alt+enter does not.

 Alt+enter does nothing in the game screen (expected behaviour in this
 scenario), however, things get weird when using Alt+enter in the Launcher.

 In this case, pressing Alt+enter launches the currently selected game’s
 start screen… the equivalent of clicking the Launcher’s Start button
 (occurs in both windowed & fullscreen modes).

 Incidentally, you refer to using Cmd+enter to toggle fullscreen (or was
 that just a typo?). For me, both Cmd+enter & Cmd+return share the same
 anomalies as Alt+enter in this case.

 Can you reproduce this issue on a full-size keyboard?

 Note that, unlike the main issue, this applies when Graphics mode is
 <default>, and also when set to OpenGL.

 I don’t understand how all this ties together, but hopefully it makes some
 sense to you.

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