[Scummvm-devel] memory footprint issues

J.Brown (Ender) ender at scummvm.org
Thu Mar 6 11:02:29 CET 2003

There is memory tracking for resource expiration, however I suspect a lot
of memory is going towards three things:

 * Screen buffers / VirtScreens
 * Sound/MUsic

Both the screen buffers/virtscreens use some amount of memory. Also, SMUSH
alloctes -yet another- buffer or two for the screen - it should use the
preexisting game buffers imho (and will need to for INSANE anyway).

The music bundle decompressor is also probably quite wasteful on both
memory and possibly cpu.

I don't really know of any decent memory profilers, but that is where I
would suggest looking.

 - Ender

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On 6 Mar 2003, Marcus Comstedt wrote:

> Date: 06 Mar 2003 16:53:52 +0100
> From: Marcus Comstedt <marcus at mc.pp.se>
> To: scummvm-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: [Scummvm-devel] memory footprint issues
> I'm trying to find out why scummvm uses such an extraordinary amount
> of memory.  For example, the system requirements for The Dig, as
> stated on LucasArts' webside, are 8 megs of RAM.  Yet, scummvm manages
> to deplete the 16 megs in my Dreamcast pretty soon after the game is
> started.
> Does anyone have an idea where to start looking, or should I just make
> a general memory prophiler?  Are there any memory usage debugging
> facilities in place already?
>   // Marcus
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