[Scummvm-devel] scummvm-tools package?

Travis Howell kirben at optusnet.com.au
Tue Dec 21 16:28:07 CET 2004

From: "Max Horn" <max at quendi.de>
> 2) I'd like to move the "convbdf" and "md5table" to another place (and 
> also md5.txt). Two suggestions cropped up on IRC:
>   (a) a new CVS module "devtools"
>   (b) a new subdirectory "tools" inside the "scummvm" module
> Some people prefer (a), considering it to be cleaner. OTOH (b) would allow 
> integrating those tools into the build chain: when you do a "make", then 
> AUTHORS, scumm/scumm-md5.h,  simon/simon-md5.h, about.cpp could be 
> automaticall (re)generated.
> Personally I can live with either approach.

Option (b) sounds best, since the result of each program ends up in ScummVM 
source code anyway.

> 3) We have four extraction tools: kyra_unpak, rescumm, loom_tg16_extract, 
> mm_nes_extract. If I understand correctly, neither is useful to end users 
> with 0.7.0 (rescumm used to be useful, but with the new code in 0.7.0, no 
> end user should require it anymore, I hope). So we might want to move 
> those along with the other dev tools.

These tools (kyra_unpak, rescumm) would still be worth including in tools 
package, as they can help people interested in looking at resources of 

> 4) We have the following "compression" tools:
>    extract, queenrebuild, simon2mp3, sword1mp3, sword2mp3, compress_san
> I think those names are somewhat non-descript and incoherent (consider 
> sword2mp3, which allows OGG and FLAC output). How about renaming them all 
> to match a single pattern? One suggestion:
>    compress_scumm_sou
>    compress_scumm_san
>    compress_queen
>    compress_simon2
>    compress_sword1
>    compress_sword2
> Maybe that's a bad idea; or maybe the idea is good, but those names are 
> bad: this is merely meant to provoke thoughts, I am happy to hear your 
> constructive criticism :-).

The new names definately sound better, but just 'compress_simon' instead of 
'compress_simon2', since it works for both Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2.

> 5) I am not sure about "simon1decr", is that used by end users? If so, I 
> assume it falls under my point 4), too.

simon1decr is used to decrunch/unpack the data files of the disk versions of 
Simon the Sorcerer 1 (Amiga). ScummVM currenty includes the code to auto 
decode disk versions of Simon the Sorcerer 1 (Amiga) too.  But the demo 
version of Simon the Sorcerer 1 (Amiga) still requires this tool to be used 
on its 'gameamiga' file,  before it can be used with ScummVM. A better 
filename might be 'simon1amiga_unpack'

> 6) The de* tools are a bit controversial: while they are mostly used by 
> developers, I guess, at least some end users might find them handy, too. 
> So I guess for now we should just keep them in tools, right?

Yes, keep de*tools as part of tools package too. Since those tools are very 
useful for anyone looking into the scripts of games. 

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