[Scummvm-devel] scummvm-tools package?

Joost Peters j at 7fc1.org
Tue Dec 21 19:06:03 CET 2004

> 4) We have the following "compression" tools:
>    extract, queenrebuild, simon2mp3, sword1mp3, sword2mp3, compress_san
> I think those names are somewhat non-descript and incoherent (consider 
> sword2mp3, which allows OGG and FLAC output). How about renaming them 
> all to match a single pattern? One suggestion:
>    compress_scumm_sou
>    compress_scumm_san
>    compress_queen
>    compress_simon2
>    compress_sword1
>    compress_sword2
> Maybe that's a bad idea; or maybe the idea is good, but those names 
> are bad: this is merely meant to provoke thoughts, I am happy to hear 
> your constructive criticism :-).

'queenrebuild' is a bit different from the others in that it doesn't 
necessarily compress the datafile.
What it does is it rebuilds the datafile (as the name implies) of 
foreign/non-freewared versions to remove the dependency on queen.tbl; 
compression is optional - even though I'm sure most people will 
compress it in the process.
But I agree that unity is good, so we should probably rename it for the 
sake of consistency, even though it does not 100% reflect the 
capabilities of the tool.
compress_* sounds good to me, btw.


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