[Scummvm-devel] 0.7.0 status update

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Wed Dec 22 10:25:00 CET 2004

Hi there,

this is the status of the 0.7.0 release:

All games, with two exceptions, have been tested successfully. The 
exceptions are:
- Broken Sword 2, which apparently nobody tested -> anybody 
- LoomCD, where khalek reported a regression. However, it appears that 
this is not really a regressions, and khalek has not yet backed up the 
bug reported with further evidence, so I am tempted to just close it.

- Standard SDL (Windows, Unix, Mac OS X) seems fine
- PalmOS and WinCE had lots of activity in the past couple days. 
However, I have absolutely no idea whether they are ready for release 
or not. Porters, please inform me about your status!
- Dreamcast: No idea about this either. Marcus, does it work?

For the future, it would be nice if porters could keep the release 
manager(s) informed about issues they have, possibly even filing them 
as bug reports. I know this can be annoying if you have little time, 
but I am not asking for a "full report" here, just drop us a few lines 
whether things are fine, or whether you have problems (and ideally what 
problems, so that we can help fixing them).

README and NEWS have been updated, and should mostly be in good shape. 
One exception: The section "3.5) Known Problems in ScummVM 0.7.0" in 
the README currently is marked as TODO. Personally I don't really see 
why we need it . But if anybody feels like compiling a list of 
"important" outstanding issues that we could plug in there, please do 
so, but do so quickly (ideally within the next 8 hours :-)

Further schedule:
I plan to tag the branch for release tonight (local time), i.e. if all 
goes well in, uhm, 8 hours or so. Packagers  hopefully already verified 
that they can package the branch smoothly. I'll send out a mail once 
the tagging took place and will post an initial source tarball, from 
which binaries can be built. If anybody encounters serious problems 
building from that tarball, we can still try to get out a fixed tarball 
on thursday, provided that only small tweaks are needed for this. Else 
it'll have to wait till 0.7.1 (I think everybody had ample time to 
check out the branch works, so there isn't really any good excuse not 
to be ready by now, packaging wise, is there? :-)



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