[Scummvm-devel] Ports, testing, and 0.6.0

john willis john.willis at distant-earth.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 04:14:01 CET 2004

Hi all,

First off, I hope nobody minds me doing this status update for the GP32 port. 
Even though it is not really an official port ;-).

Quoting James 'Ender' Brown <ender at scummvm.org>:
>Can I have a status update from all the porters on when they are ready
>for 0.6.0 so we can branch, and also an update of which engines work
>(and with or without mpeg2 in case of BS1/BS2) with which each port?

The current GP32 port in CVS does not compile against 0.5.1 and requires a lot 
of work to get it to compile against CVS. I would be inclined to suggest it is 
not included in the 0.6.0 branch currently as it is nigh on useless in its 
current state, just IMHO of course :-).  There is a 0.5.1 version of the GP32 
port and source on my site but that is basically irrelevant to 0.6.0.

My current builds are about a week or so behind CVS and I am very unlightly to 
get things tidied up (more evil hacks removed, stability issues in the re-
worked backend etc.) in time to get something clean and useable for 0.6.0.

The non-CVS port now supports SCUMM (VGA (and lower) and FM-Towns) engine games 
(useable to very playable) and MP3 and Vorbis support is in the port now and 
undergoing optimisation. 

Support for the other VGA based game engines (FOTAQ, BASS and Simon) is 
progressing and they all work with a large number of caveats. Most problems 
with the non-SCUMM engines are caused by the limited memory on the GP32 (8MB) 
so I am not 100% how to work around that yet. Obviously the GP32 port is 
restricted to at most  320*240 games and is restricted by the upper limit of 
128MB for the SmartMedia it uses.

As and when my non-CVS GP32 port improves substantially and comes in line with 
the eventual 0.6.0 branch I would be honoured to look at adding the port back 
into CVS, assuming the code is up to scratch, people are happy with it etc. etc.

Kind Regards

	John Willis

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