[Scummvm-devel] Porters: Please make sure your port specific READMEs are in SVN

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Jan 1 20:16:33 CET 2008

Dear porters,

following an internal discussion with Neil (our DS porter), I'd like  
to ask the following of all porters in public:

Eugene and me would really appreciate (as we stated in various places  
in the past, but never formalized) if all files required to build a  
port binary were stored in our subversion repository.

That includes the full source code of your port; any required  
"project files" (Makefiles, MSVC/eclipse/XCode/whatever project  
files, etc); any port specific READMEs (as far as I know, the DS,  
PalmOS and DC ports have one, maybe more); or anything else that one  
would need to re-create your release binary from the release branch  
of ScummVM.

That way, we can reproduce any given release completely from SVN.  
Also, it means that the rest of the team has a chance of being  
*aware* of your files (e.g. your custom README). And hence whenever  
somebody on the team makes changes that affect e.g. your README, we  
(a) have a chance of knowing that we affected it, and (b) we can  
either fix/update your files, or alternatively notify you that an  
update is required

Also,  for files which include a version number, the tools/update- 
version.pl script is able to automatically fixe that version number  
whenever it changes. This way, we can easily avoid mistakes were some  
files in a binary release contain incorrect version information.

So, the intention of this request are roughly speaking: completeness,  
"reproducibility" of a release tar ball, and general awareness of the  
existence of them.

As always, I am eager to hear what you think about this -- if you  
believe that for some reasons, it's not realistic to comply to this  
request, or that it's a bad idea, please tell us so. Or just do it  
(TM) ;-)

Best regards,

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