[Scummvm-devel] The 7th Guest

Henry Bush scummvm at spookypeanut.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 19:31:39 CET 2008

Hey guys,

For those that haven't been following it, Jordi, Scott and myself
have been working on t7gre, a project to reverse engineer The 7th
Guest and reimplement it as a ScummVM engine. As of recently, the game
is completeable, and so the time seemed apt. Would the team accept the
T7G engine into the main ScummVM repository?

Some info:
Some may think of it as a 3D game, but it isn't, it was all
prerendered. Others have spoken of it as a "glorified movie player"...
that is closer to the truth. It's first person so there are no
sprites, and there is no inventory. Is it undeniably a point-and-click
game, the only point of contention is whether it is an adventure game:
some classify it as a puzzle game. As adventure games contain puzzles,
I'm not sure when one becomes the other... Several games (11th
hour, the sequel, and three (possibly four) others) use a similar
engine (which is called "groovie" btw (or possibly "GROOVIE", but I
don't like all caps), but they're all 16bit colour, so that hurdle is
a little higher to jump! At the moment the dos (/win) target is
primary focus, but mac shouldn't be too much hassle (in fact I think
it works atm, but without music, Jordi can correct me if I'm wrong

Project site: http://code.google.com/p/t7gre/
About T7G: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_7th_Guest

Things left to do:
The only big thing remaining is that there is some AI involved in one
of the puzzles that has yet to be implemented.
See the project's issue page for details:

Questions, comments, flames, send them my way!



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