[Scummvm-devel] The 7th Guest

Travis Howell kirben at optusnet.com.au
Wed Nov 12 05:39:17 CET 2008

Henry Bush wrote:
> I'm not sure when one becomes the other... Several games (11th
> hour, the sequel, and three (possibly four) others) use a similar
> engine (which is called "groovie" btw (or possibly "GROOVIE", but I
> don't like all caps), but they're all 16bit colour, so that hurdle is
> a little higher to jump! At the moment the dos (/win) target is
> primary focus, but mac shouldn't be too much hassle (in fact I think
> it works atm, but without music, Jordi can correct me if I'm wrong
> ;-).

Wouldn't the current 8bit color limitation of ScummVM become a major 
issue in the future though? since only a single game of GROOVIE game 
engine actually uses 8bit color.

How far do you plan to expand the GROOVIE game engine in the future? as 
I expect adding 16bit color would be easier in separate project, without 
having to worry about how that change, would effect other parts (ie 
other game engines) of ScummVM.

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