[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM goes buildbot

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Mon Apr 20 23:39:47 CEST 2009

Am 20.04.2009 um 23:25 schrieb Pierre-Yves GĂ©rardy:

>> Yes to both. How many builds should we keep, though? I think a few
>> days should be sufficient, right? Say, the last 3 builds for each.  
>> The
>> only reason to keep multiple would be so that people who are in the
>> middle of downloading a build don't get a broken download, right?
> Wouldn't it be useful to archive some of them (say 1 per week) for
> regression testing?

The only case where it might be helpful to keep older builds around is  
if a problem is specific to a single platform. And then only if we  
want to use multiple old builds to pin-point (bisect) the introduction  
of the revision. But since our builds are only on a daily builds, and  
not per-commit, that wouldn't be very accurate. Plus, if we keep the  
last N nightlies, then we still would end up with situations where  
we'd need the N+1th nightly...

So, for that scenario, it would be much more helpful if there was an  
"easy" meachnism to (re)create a build for a specific revision and  
platform. Possibly outside of buildbot.

Though I am not even sure it would be that useful, as after all the  
porter should be able to do exactly that anyway... and situations  
where that is not sufficient seem rather unlikely to me... ?


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