[Scummvm-devel] GSoC gui tools

Thierry Crozat criezy at scummvm.org
Sat Nov 28 23:37:05 CET 2009

I tested several tools today (GUI and CLI) with a version I compiled  
yesterday evening.

First the good news: extract_scumm_mac works like a charm with the  
GUI tool. I tried all the mac games I have (DOTT, FT and Sam&Max),  
letting the GUi auto-detect the tool or selecting it manually, with  
input and/or output directory names that contain spaces and special  
characters. Everything worked.

However the CLI for extract_scumm_mac does not work (the only way to  
make it work is to create a out/ directory in the current directory).  
See bugs:
#2905462: cannot use -o or --output flags with tools_cli
#2905466: issue with extract_scumm_mac default output directory

Another nearly good news: compress_scumm_sou works (more or less). I  
had one issues with it:
#2905473: cannot use lame with compress_scumm_sou GUI (it works fine  
with the CLI)
I also add the same problem as with extract_scumm_mac when trying to  
use -o or --output flag with the CLI.

Otherwise vorbis and flac work work well with both CLI and GUI.  
However in the GUI the temporary files are always named tempfile.mp3,  
and it looks strange to see several messages with "tempname.mp3" when  
you selected vorbis (in the CLI the temporary files are named  
tempfile.ogg when using vorbis).

A really bad news is that I couldn't make compress_scumm_san and  
compress_scumm_bun work. I get errors with both the GUI and the CLI.
#2905479: extract_scumm_san and extract_scumm_bun do not work

One more minor thing: the GUI is using the old ScummVM logo and this  
should be updated.

I also have a few suggestions to improve the GUI:
* Would it be possible to display a progress bar for  
extract_scumm_mac and compress_scumm_* (e.g. % of the input file size  
that has been processed)?

* Could the tool remember the user last choice for the Open output  
folder checkbox on the last page?

* Cancel after running the tools does not make sense as it does  
nothing. I think that the button should be disabled after running the  
tool and at least on the last page (or maybe it should delete the  
output of the tool).

* Select input files: we can select several files in the file chooser  
but then only one is listed in the text field of the Tools GUI. Maybe  
the file chooser should not accept selection of multiple files.

* On the last page it would be nice to have an option to extract or  
compress other files (i.e. go back on the first page instead of  
closing the application).

* It is not evident to know when the tools have finished to process  
the files in the GUI. This is I think for two reasons:
1) It is still displaying "Processing data..." above the scroll view  
after it has finished
2) The scrollview with the output does not always automatically  
scroll to the end (for me it almost never does) which means the "Tool  
finished without errors!" message is not visible if the user does not  
scroll manually.
I think the "Processing data..." message should be changed or removed  
at the end of the processing. Also maybe the "Tools finished without  
erors!" message could be shown outside (e.g. below) the scroll view.  
It could even use a different colors (e.g. green if no errors, red if  
there were errors).

* Lastly, you should probably remove the developer note from the GUI  
in the page to select the input file.

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